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La Vera (Midtown)

February 9, 2018


If I’ve passed it one time, I’ve passed it a hundred times, and still had yet to actually go inside of La Vera and grab a slice of pizza. If we’re being transparent, the place is wrapped like a Christmas gift (and I LOVE Christmas!). It’s on the corner, has huge windows with tons of pizza peering out at passerby, and the sign is in the colors of the Italian flag. Say what you want, but I’m a sucker for those colors spelling out the word “pizza,” and will most likely be a customer of yours at some point if you do that.


As soon as I walked into La Vera I was immediately overwhelmed with the number of pizza options they had, and they had everything. From Buffalo pizza, to penne pizza, to salad pizza, and also the classics, like regular cheese and pepperoni. The Grandma slice caught my eye as it was hot and fresh outta the oven, had a nice shiny gleam on the cheese, and the tomato sauce looked bright and fresh. They cut the Grandma Pie into squares, but it wasn’t as thick as a traditional Sicilian pie; it looked more like focaccia bread. You know the kid, when consuming pizza, I also gotta get some meat, so for my 2nd slice I went with the classic pepperoni. This thing is HUGE. As soon as it came out of the oven, a smile hit my face.


First I gotta give La Vera props for serving their slice hot and fresh out the oven. When you eat as much pizza as I do, you would be astonished at how many pizzerias still can’t get this simple thing right and will give their customers a lukewarm pizza. The pepperoni slice was packed with cheese. The abundant gooey milky pleasure was definitely the dominating flavor on this pie. So much so, I would go as far to say that the pepperoni did very little for this slice. The critique I have for this pizza was that they cut the pepperoni paper thin and didn’t put enough of them on your pizza. I had a few bites without pepperoni, and that is unacceptable. If I order a pizza with toppings, I should get that topping on every bite. 


In the case of the Grandma slice, it was good, at least for the first few bites. The problem for me is that when I get a hit with that sweet delicious tomato sauce and the crunchy crust, I immediately get elated, but after a few bites, I realize that all I’m eating is tomato sauce and bread, and get bored with it really quickly. What I can say is the first 3 bites of that Grandma slice are good, after that you can give the rest to give to the pigeons.


Lastly, the crust. The crust here is very good. You get a nice crunch with each bite, tastes like you’re getting it from a bakery…

Very good indeed.


All in all, I gotta say the Vera had some solid pizza. Was it great? No, but it did its job. Definitely good enough to go back if I'm in the area (which I am quite often), but by no means was it one of my favorite spots in the city. What I can say though, whatever style of pizza I’m craving, I’m confident Vera will have it.


5 out of 8 slices

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